NEWFAMSTRAT is an innovative research project providing the most comprehensive picture to date of how within- and between-gender differences in employment, earnings, and domestic divisions predicted by family status are constructed at the individual, couple, and employer levels in Finland, Germany, and the UK. 

Led by Professor Lynn Prince Cooke from the University of Bath’s Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy and funded by the European Research Council (2016-2022), researchers will capitalize on recent advances in data availability and statistical approaches, and collect primary data from field correspondence studies of employer hiring in each of the countries.  The motivation for the research is that, despite the extraordinary economic gains women have made over the past half century, they remain responsible for most unpaid care work.  In turn, women still face employment disadvantages, persistent gender wage gaps, and greater risk of poverty. The goal of NEWFAMSTRAT is to locate pockets of progress toward greater equality that remain hidden when analysed with standard statistical techniques, as well as better understand within- and between-gender differences in the barriers to greater equality.